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Highway 1, USA – Nate 


Opera News

“Tenor Christian Mark Gibbs’s handsome, sardonic presence and his suave traversal of the vocal lines told you all you needed to know about the ne’er-dowell Nate.” – Fred Cohn


Broadway World (“HIGHWAY 1, USA Opens at Opera Theatre of Saint Louis”)

“Brother Nate is sung by the strikingly handsome tenor Christian Mark Gibbs. It's a brilliant performance. Gibbs brings attractive glimmers to this very unattractive character. (Gibbs, by the way, would make a terrific "Sportin' Life".)” – Steve Callahan


“…at curtain call the audience jokingly booed him and then bravoed him.” – Steve Callahan


St. Louis Post-Dispatch (“'Highway 1, U.S.A.' is momentous tribute by OTSL to long-neglected composer”)

“As Nate, tenor Christian Mark Gibbs was brilliantly bratty. The music for his part is lush and beautiful, full of all the potential and faith his mother had for him. Gibbs’ double-edged performance of “What does he know of dreams?” was remarkable as the text contradicts his charming boyishness and lyrical voice.” – Eric Meyer Special to the Post-Dispatch


KDHX (“Opera Theatre presents an overlooked gem by a black American composer”)

“When he finally appears in the second scene, Nate fully justifies Mary’s contempt. Tenor Christian Mark Gibbs makes an attention-grabbing debut in the role, in a sinuous, clearly sung performance that so clearly communicates the character’s smug cluelessness that the urge to smack him is irresistible. Stuffed with knowledge but devoid of wisdom, Nate is everything that his brother is not.” – Chuck Lavazzi


Ladue News (“Opera Theatre Saint Louis Treats Patrons to Rarely Performed ‘Highway 1, U.S.A.’”)

“Christian Mark Gibbs, like Cabell and Liverman making his OTSL debut, doesn’t have much stage time but makes the most of it in the truncated second act of the one-hour piece.” – Mark Bretz




West Side Story - Tony 


Helsingin Sonomat

“Americans Holly Sedillos and Christian Mark Gibbs form an incomparably sweet main couple as tragic lovers who have time to ascend to the stars more than once as the musical progresses.”


Rondo Classic – Magazine

“Christian Mark Gibbs is a multi-skilled classical singer who has performed for example instance at the Metropolitan Opera in the acclaimed production of Gershwin’s Porgy & Bess.


He charmed us from the very beginning with his Maria Aria, which I may have never heard so touching and fine in its nuances, all the way down to the thinnings of his high tones.


Gibbs has no mannerisms of an opera singer; thus, his musical expression is natural and full of a genuine sense of love.” – Harri Kuusisaari, Chief Editor (translated from Finnish by Ike Ikegwuonu)

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